Sunday, January 5, 2014

Organizing my pile, Part I (Mats)

Okay, let's see what I have here in terms of numbers. As I want a solid infantry chore for my part of the army I will leave the cavalry and artillery aside for now. The Starter Battalia box contains 80 pike & shot infantry (including 2 command sets) and 10 firelocks. The Imperial infantry box counts for 44 pike & shot infantry including command. Mixed with the blisters (swordsmen, pikemen, command) there's room for three infantry regiments.

Barry and I are still discussing the make-up of the units. By 1632 Dutch infantry regiments were of widely varying size, from nine companies up; Colonel's companies were 200 or 150, the rest 120 strong. Anyway, time to clip, glue and assemble.

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